A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals | Cyber Monday Discount 2019

A2 Hosting Black Friday deals are going to be the most valuable Black Friday web hosting offer of 2019.

This year, A2 Hosting is offering up to 67% of huge discounts on its web hosting plans, including shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS, and Reseller Hosting.

Last few days, I was only promoting SiteGround web hosting and didn’t think any other brand could come closer to it in the shared hosting segment.

After researching many webpages and review sites, I found A2 Hosting is a great alternative to SiteGround. During this Black Friday season, A2 Hosting is offering a huge 67% off to all new customers who want to opt for their shared hosting plans.

Apart from that, advanced users who are planning to purchase managed WordPress hosting, VPS, reseller hosting or dedicated server will also get amazing discounts.

You MUST consider A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals in the following cases:

  1. You want to start a new business website where you need good performance, faster speed, enhanced security, and premium customer support at an affordable price.
  2. If you are experiencing some performance issues with your current host or it’s charging huge renewal fees, and you want to switch to a better hosting platform.
  3. You think SSL, SSD storage, premium support, and site migration should be bundled for free with your web hosting purchase.

I’m quite sure; you are one who belongs to any of the above user groups. That’s why this A2 Hosting Black Friday sale means a lot for you.

Grab A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals [Quick Natigation]

Hosting Plan Discount Price (USD)
Shared Hosting (Linux) 67% off $1.98 – $6.27
Shared Hosting (Windows) 67% off $3.30 – $7.26
Managed WordPress Hosting 67% off $8.74 – $25.57
Managed VPS (Linux) 50% off $25.00 – $50.00
Managed VPS (Windows) 50% off $27.50 – $52.50
Core VPS (Linux) 50% off $25.00 – $50.00
Core VPS (Windows) 50% off $27.50 – $52.50
Unmanaged VPS $5 – custom plan
Reseller Hosting (Linux) 40% off $11.99 – $37.19
Reseller Hosting (Windows) 40% off $13.19 – $38.39
Managed Dedicated Server 17% off $141.09 – $290.49
Core Dedicated Server 17% off $141.09 – $290.49
Unmanaged Dedicated Server 17% off $99.59 – $248.99
Discount Dedicated Server* 50% off $96.50 – $186.50

A2 Hosting is an independently owned web hosting company that provides perfectly optimized, full SSD based shared hosting servers at a very affordable price. Unlike many other big companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. they are a subsidiary of EIG Group or GoDaddy.

Almost every company offers heavy discounts during the Black Friday web hosting deals to grab more customers and increase their revenue.

A2 Hosting has joined the league too.

Currently, they are offering a massive 67% discount to their shared hosting and Managed WordPress hosting service that happens once every year during the A2 Hosting Black Friday sale only.

Hurry up.

Click the link below to grab this mind-blowing deal.

Grab A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals 2019

A2 Hosting Black Friday web hosting sale will be live on 29 November and run through Cyber Monday ending on 2 December 2019.

All new customers will get great discount offers while purchasing their web hosting services.

1. Shared Hosting/Managed WordPress Hosting

If you want to host a new website on A2 Hosting’s server or migrate an existing one, A2 Hosting is offering FLAT 67% OFF on all Shared Hosting & Managed WordPress Hosting plans.

The shared hosting pricing starts at just $1.98/month which is less than a Starbucks coffee.

You can visit the A2 Hosting Black Friday deal page by clicking the button below. Once you chose any shared hosting or Managed WP plan, the coupon code SAVEBIG will be automatically applied to your cart value to get you the discounted final price. 

2. VPS Hosting Plans

If your site is getting a ton of hits every single day, then you MUST move your website to a VPS. However, getting a good VPS plan from a reputed web hosting company might not be affordable.

Don’t worry.

A2 Hosting is offering a great deal on a purchase of Managed or Core VPS. Every new customer can get 50% OFF during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale.

However, there is NO deal available for Unmanaged VPS since the prices for unmanaged VPS are already low.

If you are seriously thinking to upgrade your web hosting to VPS, then it’s the right time to move one. Get advantage of this A2 Hosting Black Friday sale to grab Flat 50% OFF on any Managed or Core VPS plan no matter you’re choosing Linux or Windows operating system.

3. Reseller Hosting

In the last few years, the web hosting market is growing rapidly creating a significant opportunity to all aspiring entrepreneurs. However, it requires a considerable setup cost, operating cost, well-qualified and experienced personnel, and many other things that everyone can’t afford.

A2 Hosting is offering a massive 40% discount to all reseller hosting plans to reduce entry barriers to get a perfectly configured web servers at a super cheap price.

4. Dedicated Server

Usually, A2 Hosting offers only a 17% discount to dedicated hosting service throughout the year (For initial term only). 

But during this Black Friday week, you can get 50% OFF on select Dedicated server hosting. When you look at the price, you will find it’s a steal deal where a dedicated server is available at the price of upper-end managed WordPress hosting with free cPanel, SSD storage, and free SSL.

If your site is big enough to receive millions of monthly visits, you can’t wait to grab this DEAL OF THE YEAR.

Grab A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals

Reasons For Buying Through A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale

Below are the top reasons to get the A2 Hosting Black Friday Offer. Please note, most of these features are for Shared Hosting only.

1. Top Class Hosting Infrastructure

A2 Hosting is built using top-class hosting Infrastructure that includes 10 Gbps redundant network and web servers with minimum 12 cores & 64 GB RAM 

Apart from that, all A2 Hosting plans come with free Full SSD storage for your files, OS and Database which is faster than the traditional spinning hard disks. (*You can choose HDD option while purchasing regular dedicated server).

This further improves your website load time and enables the server to handle more traffic.

2. Speed

Being hosted on top-class hosting infra, A2 Hosting has the edge over competitors. You can expect the perfectly configured web servers for the speed-optimized hosting environment.

A2 Hosting Turbo boost uses caching technology to speed up your website loading time. It claims to be 20 times faster than competitor hosting companies.

However, it does not support Ruby-based or Python-based applications. For normal WordPress users, the Turbo plan is a great choice with A2 Optimized Site Accelerator, Cloudflare plus and much more to improve site speed.

Since Google loves quick loading websites, your ranking will also go up if you are using A2 Hosting.

3. Pre-Installed WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS and first choice of many webmasters or developers.

A2 Hosting gives you an option to get a blank server or WordPress pre-installed on it. You can also choose an A2 Optimized WordPress installation for better performance and security.

Any beginner or non-techie can use this option and spend more time on website building, crafting contents and promotion rather than technical optimization. 

4. Free SSL Certificate

Modern Browsers flash a warning of non-secure site if you have not installed an SSL certificate. And, if you care SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you MUST get an SSL to achieve a better ranking in SERP.

Since many other web hosting companies charge for SSL, some people don’t leave their site on HTTP only.

This is not a case with A2 Hosting.

It offers unlimited FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates depending on the plan you choose. It helps to secure your website without paying anything extra out of your pocket.

5. Free Backups

A2 Hosting provides free server rewind backups protecting you against accidental deletion, mistakes or data corruption. It regularly creates snapshots of your account which you can restore from cPanel.

Most of the web hosting companies charge a certain amount for such add-on services but A2 Hosting offers these services for free.

*Although A2 Hosting creates a backup of your data, we recommend everyone to not rely solely on hosting company and take your backup at remote storage to avoid future losses if something worst happens.

6. Reliability

What makes a good web host apart from speed and performance?


Here are a few things to prove A2 Hosting is a reliable web hosting service.

  •  99.9% Uptime Commitment
  • CloudLinux OS for shared hosting accounts to isolate and control resource spikes. It means your site will be up and running smoothly irrespective or other sites hosted on the same server.
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring & Quadruple Redundant Network
  • Redundant Power with UPS/Diesel Generator backup solution
  • The balanced number of accounts on each server to decrease the load.

Did you find any reason to say NO to the A2 Hosting Black Friday deals?

7. Free Site Transfer

Migrating a site successfully to another host is a real pain for non-techies. Although you can create and restore a full backup or use migration plugins, it requires a certain degree of technical knowledge and a lot of time to serve data from the new web hosting.

Many web hosting services do not provide site migration or may transfer only one website. A2 Hosting does not restrict your growth by adding an entry barrier to choose a good web hosting service.

You can migrate all websites to A2 servers for FREE as long as they are simple or using cPanel. 

8. Global Data Centers

Currently, A2 Hosting has four data centers; two in the US (Michigan and Arizona), one in Europe (Amsterdam) and one in Asia (Singapore).

Strategically placed global data centers help you serve your site visitors from the nearest possible location and improve page loading time by reducing the latency.

9. Customer Support

A2 Hosting provides reliable customer support which, though not the best, is better than most of the competitors. Their customer support agents are knowledgeable enough to solve your hosting related queries in minimum possible time.

The best thing about A2 Hosting is that they provide all support channels including live chat, email, phone call for 24/7.

Whether you have a pre-sale question to know more about their web hosting or need to open a support ticket to solve a complex WordPress problem, you’ll never get disappointed.

10. Highest Discounts

A2 Hosting Black Friday sale is the perfect time to get the maximum discounts on web hosting plans

Getting 67% off for such good web hosting is an awesome deal that you should not miss.

Press the button below to activate A2 Hosting Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer.

Grab A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals

Which is the Perfect A2 Hosting Plan to Host Your Site?

With so many hosting options available with A2 Hosting, you might be confused about what option to select. So let me explain in brief all the plans along with their benefits.

1. A2 Hosting Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, on the Shared Hosting plan of A2 Hosting, you share the server resources with several other websites. With each hosting plan at A2 Hosting, you will get certain limits for server resources.

The above restriction is just a guideline. Your website can still use up resources more than the prescribed resources for each plan. However, if your website is regularly crossing those limits, you will have to upgrade your plan.

It does look like a good deal when you can use more server resources once in a while. However, since the server resources are shared, if another website on the server uses a lot of resources, it will affect the performance of your website.

Therefore, a shared hosting plan is usually suitable for websites with low to medium traffic. For E-commerce and other critical websites, I do not recommend shared hosting as it can lead to loss of sales if your website loads slowly or goes down due to server load.

A2 Hosting offers three different shared hosting plans. You can choose the one that suits your requirements.

a. Lite Plan

The Lite plan is the most basic plan at A2 Hosting. This plan is ideal if you are just starting your blog or business website. This plan is also suitable for businesses that do not expect a lot of traffic to their websites.

With the lite plan, you can host one single website and five sub-domains. As for the storage and Bandwidth, A2 Hosting does not restrict the same but is subject to their Fair Usage Policy.

The MySQL databases are limited to 5, which is sufficient if you are hosting a single WordPress website. You can also create up to 25 cPanel email ids for your business.

The below table shows the monthly as well as total pricing of the A2 Hosting Lite plan for different periods.

b. Swift Plan

The Swift plan is good for Bloggers and Small business owners who want to host multiple websites. This plan is powered by 2 CPU cores clocked at 2.1 GHz and provides 1 GB of RAM which is twice that of the Lite Plan.

With the swift plan, you also have an option to double the CPU cores and add an additional 1 GB RAM at an extra cost of $3/month (You get a discount on this price as well). So if you are getting a decent amount of traffic to your blog or if you are expecting your blog traffic to increase quickly during the next few months, this plan is ideal for you.

Apart from the RAM and Inodes, there is no restriction on this A2 hosting plan. Of course, the fair usage limits still apply to this plan.

Unlike the Lite plan, the swift plan also offers server rewind backups. So all in all, the swift plan is definitely a better choice if you do not mind spending a few extra bucks.

The table below shows the pricing of the Swift plan for different periods along with effective discounts

c. Turbo Plan

The Turbo plan is the quickest shared hosting plan by A2 Hosting. This plan is recommended for relatively high traffic websites, E-commerce websites and other websites for which page load times are a critical factor.

The Turbo plan can handle medium traffic websites as it provides 2 GB of RAM which is double than what is available with the swift plan. Like with the Swift plan, you also get an option to add an additional 1 GB Ram for $3/month.

The Turbo plan has its caching system which can make your website load very fast. With the Turbo Plan, you also get Railgun Optimizer for free which is charged at $1.98/month with the other two shared hosting plans.

You can check the table below for the pricing of the Turbo Hosting Plan for different periods.

2. A2 Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

If you do not want to get into the hassles of managing and optimizing your own Linux Server, you can choose to go with A2 Hosting’s Managed WordPress Hosting Plan.

Unlike Linux Hosting, the Managed WordPress Hosting is powered by the Plesk Control Panel. So, if you are specifically looking out for cPanel, you will have to go with the Linux Hosting plan.

A2 Hosting offers three different Managed WordPress Hosting Plans depending on the number of sites you want to host. Apart from the number of websites, the storage, the number of CPU cores as well as Physical and virtual memory also varies with each plan.

The 1-Site hosting plan offers you 10 GB SSD Storage and gives you access to 2GB physical RAM, 8GB Virtual RAM, and 2 CPU cores. For the 3-Site hosting plan the corresponding values are 25 GB SSD, 3 GB Physical RAM, 12 GB Virtual RAM, and 3 CPU cores.

The Unlimited website plan comes with 40 GB SSD, 4 GB Physical RAM, 16 GB Virtual RAM, and 4 CPU Cores.

Each of these plans has Turbo Boost included in the pricing. So you can expect blazing fast website load times.

3. VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a server that hosts multiple accounts on the same server as shared hosting. However, each of these accounts is allotted their Virtual resources, and they are not shared with other accounts. So, other websites on the hosting server will not affect your website in any way.

A VPS is capable of handling more traffic than shared hosting. It is ideal for webmasters, bloggers, E-commerce websites and small businesses that get medium to high traffic.

A2 Hosting offers self-managed VPS, Managed VPS as well as Core Managed VPS. Let us understand the difference between the three of them and which one should you get.

a. Self Managed VPS

As the name suggests, with the Self Managed VPS, you will have to manage your server. You can install WordPress or any other application of your choice using the command line. Alternatively, A2 Hosting offers the free Webuzo Control Panel installation.

The Webuzo control panel is very much like cPanel and is from the makers of Softaculous. It comes with a free Softaculous installer that will help you install several applications as you do with cPanel based shared hosting.

With self-managed VPS, you also have the option to install cPanel. However, you will have to pay extra for the cPanel license. During the A2 Hosting Black Friday sale of 2017, A2 Hosting decided not to offer any discounts on the Self Managed VPS as it already available at a very cheap rate of just $5/month for a 512 MB server.

b. Managed VPS

As the name suggests, the Managed VPS is managed by the A2 Hosting team and comes with a free cPanel. Securing the server and updating the hardware as well as software is all within the scope of the A2 Hosting Team and you do not get any root access.

Since the hosting uses a cPanel, you get all the features you get with cPanel on the shared hosting. Turbo Boost is available at an additional price of $22 (Only LiteSpeed) and $30 (LiteSpeed with LSCache and LiteMage.

At A2 Hosting, discounts are applied to the final price, so you get discounts even on whatever additional services you add to your hosting card including Turbo Boost, Railgun Optimizer, Softaculous Premium, etc.

c. Core Managed VPS

Core Managed VPS is exactly similar to Managed VPS except that you get root access if you wish to tweak the settings of the server. The features, as well as pricing of Core Managed VPS, are similar to Managed VPS except for a few exceptions.

The Core Managed VPS does not include Cloudflare CDN in the cPanel. You also do not get the option to buy Railgun Optimizer. Another difference is the lack of Server rewind file backups with the Core Managed VPS.

4. Dedicated Server Hosting

VPS is a good and cheap option for medium traffic websites. However, if your website gets a lot of traffic and the VPS is not sufficient to handle the same, or if you are managing a critical project that requires more security, Dedicated Server would be an ideal choice for you.

Like VPS Servers, A2 Hosting provides dedicated servers with three management levels, Unmanaged, Managed and Core Managed. The corresponding plans are named as Flex Unmanaged, Flex Managed, and Flex Core dedicated servers.

In addition to the above, A2 Hosting also offers Discount SSD Servers which are fully managed with root access just like the Flex Core server but comes with less storage space. Although their pricing is higher than Flex Core Server, they are offered at a huge discount which brings down it’s pricing lower than the Flex Core server and hence the name Discount SSD Server.

Each of the above plans provides three times of servers, Intel Core I3, Intel Xeon E3, and Intel Xeon E5. Irrespective of the type of management or the type of server, you can configure the servers to as per your needs with the server RAM ranging from 8GB to 32 GB.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals for dedicated servers are valid only on the Discount SSD Dedicated Servers.

5. Reseller Hosting

As the name suggests, the Reseller hosting accounts allow you to resell A2 hosting servers under your brand name. You can decide your price for selling these accounts.

The Reseller account is ideal for developers who want to sell the hosting to their clients along with the website development and maintenance services. You can also use it to start your web hosting business.

A2 Hosting offers four different Reseller Hosting plans, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The main difference between these plans is the number of clients allowed accounts that you can host on the server and the server resources available.

A2 Hosting also offers a free WHCMS starter license with all plans except the Bronze plan. The rest of the features are identical to each of the above plans.

I am sure by now you must be clear about various A2 Hosting Black Friday offers and decided to buy one of them. However, if you are still not very sure, you can check the top reasons why you must buy A2 Hosting Black Friday Plans

Final Words on A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals 2019

A2 Hosting is certainly one of the best in the web hosting industry. And if you love speed, there’s no better shared hosting provider than A2 hosting.

Their plans sound even more lucrative with the Black Friday offers. Unless you are very tight on budget and looking for a Cheap $1 Hosting, there’s no reason you should hold yourself back from getting the A2 hosting Black Friday Deal.

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Awesome Deals that You Shouldn’t Miss

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals
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Name: A2 Hosting

Description: A2 Hosting is a renowned web hosting service provider that offers a wide range of hosting products at a super affordable price. Not only the price but the speed and overall performance is also quite better than other services in the market. During this Black Friday season, it offering up to a massive 67% off so you need not worry to get started with A2 Hosting just because of the price.

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