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A to Z List of Digital Marketing Acronyms & Abbreviations

Last updated on May 19th, 2018 at 11:40 pm

While browsing something related to the eCommerce and digital marketing, you’ve been lost because of the Ph. D. level contents and all the acronyms that are heavily plastered all over the web page.

E-commerce Acronyms at first glance appear to be a real head-scratcher, but once you break them down, it becomes a lot easier to understand.

So I’ve compiled a complete A to Z list of digital marketing acronyms & Abbreviationsms and their respective meaning (Full Form), to help people with their digital campaigns.

Here is this list of Digital Marketing Acronyms & Abbreviations you should be knowing as a digital marketer.

List of Digital Marketing Acronyms Abbreviations 250+ ecommerce acronyms

A to Z List of Digital Marketing Acronyms & Abbreviations


AIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, Action
AJAXAsynchronous Javascript and XML
A.K.A.Also Known As
AMAAsk Me Anything
AMPAccelerated Mobile Pages
AOVAverage Order Value
APIApplication Program Interface
ARAugmented Reality
ASPApplication Service Provider
ATDAgency Trading Desk
ATFAbove The Fold


B2BBusiness to Business
B2CBusiness to Consumer
BANTBudget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline
BOFUBottom of the Funnel
BRBounce Rate
BTFBelow The Fold
BTWBy The Way


CACCustomer Acquisition Cost
CAN-SPAMControlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing
CASLCanadian Anti-Spam Legislation
CEOChief Executive Officer
CFCitation Flow
CFOChief Financial Officer
CGICommon Gateway Interface
CIOChief Information Officer
CLVCustomer Lifetime Value
CMGRCommunity Manager
CMOChief Marketing Officer
CMSContent Management System
COOChief Operating Officer
COSContent Optimization System
CPACost Per Acquisition/Action
CPCCost Per Click
CPLCost Per Lead
CPMCost Per Milli/Thousand
CPOCost Per Order
CPVCost Per View
CRConversion Rate
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CROConversion Rate Optimisation
CSClassified Submissions
CSECustom Search Engine
CSOChief Security Officer
CSSCascading Style Sheets
CTACall to Action
CTRClick-through Rate
CVAConversion Amount
CVRConversion Ratio
CXCustomer Experience


DADomain Authority
DDoSDistributed Denial of Service
DKIDynamic Keyword Insertion
DLPDirectory Listings Page
DLRDeep Link Ratio
DMDirect Mail (or ‘Direct Message’, in Twitter circles)
DMADesignated Market Area
DMCADigital Millennium Copyright Act
DMMDigital Media Marketing
DMPData Management Platform
DNSDomain Name System
DRDirect Response/Domain Rating (in Ahrefs)
DSDirectory Submissions
DSPDemand-side Platform


EAIEnterprise Application Integration
E-commerceElectronic Commerce
ECPCEnhanced Cost per Click
ECPMEffective CPM
EMDExact Match Domain
EODEnd of Day
EOWEnd of Week
EPCEarnings Per Click
EPMEarnings Per Milli/Thousand (Impressions)
ESPEmail Service Provider
EUEuropean Union


FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FBMLFacebook Markup Language
FBOFacebook Official
FCPFrequently Cached Pages
FFAFree for All
FTPFile Transfer Protocol


GAGoogle Analytics
GAKPGoogle AdWords Keyword Planner
GAPGoogle Advertising Professional
GAWGoogle AdWords
GCLIDGoogle Click Identifier
GDNGoogle Display Network
GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulation
GIFGraphics Interchange Format
GISGoogle Image Search
GMBGoogle My Business
GPGuest Post/Guest Posting
GSCGoogle Search Console
GTMGoogle Tag Manager
GUIGraphical User Interface
GWGGoogle Webmasters Guidelines
GWTGoogle Webmasters Tool (Also, refer to GSC)
G+Google Plus


HAROHelp A Reporter Out
HIPPOHighest Paid Person’s Opinion
HTMLHyperText Markup Language
HTTPHyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPSHyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure


IABInteractive Advertising Bureau
IBLInbound Link
ICPIdeal Customer Profile
IMInstant Messaging
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
IMSInventory Management Software
IoTInternet of Things
IPIntellectual Property (or ‘Internet Protocol’)
IPTVInternet Protocol Television
ISPInternet Service Provider


JPEG(JPG)Joint Photographic Experts Group
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
JSPJava Server Pages
JVJoint Venture


KPIKey Performance Indicator
KRKeyword Research


LBLLocal Business Listing
LLCLimited Liability Company
LLPLimited Liability Partnership
LPLimited Partnership/Landing Page/Loss Prevention (Refer accordingly).
LPOLanding Page Optimization
LSILatent Semantic Indexing
LTVLifetime Value


MLMMulti-level Marketing
MMSMultimedia Messaging Service
MOFUMiddle of the Funnel
MoMMonth on Month
MQLMarketing Qualified Lead
MRRMonthly Recurring Revenue(Monetization)/Master Resale Rights (Ebook selling)
MTModified Tweet
MTDMonth to Date
MVTMultivariate Testing


NAPName, Address, Phone Number
NMNiche Marketing
NPSNet Promoter Score
NSFWNot Safe For Work


OBLOutbound Link (a.k.a. External Link)
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OOOOut of the Office
ORMOnline Reputation Management
OSOperating System (sometimes this is used for ‘open source’)
OSEOpen Site Explorer
Macintosh Operating System X (Apple Computer, Inc.)/Operating System Extension (software)
OTPOne Time Password (Mobile/Email Verification)
OWBLOne Way Back Link


PAPage Authority
PBNPrivate Blog Network
PCTPost Click Tracking
PDFPortable Document Format
PESOPaid, Earned, Shared, Owned
PFIPay for Inclusion
PFLPay for Listing
PFPPay for Performance
PHPPHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PLRPrivate Label Rights
PMPersonal Message/Private Message (Internet Communication) or Project Manager (HR)
PMPPrivate Marketplace
PNGPortable Network Graphics
POPPost Office Protocol
POSPoint of Sale
PPCPay Per Click
PPLPay Per Lead
PPPPay Per Post
PPVPay Per View/Visitor
PRPageRank(SEO)/Public Relations (Marketing)
PTOPaid Time Off


QAQuality Assurance
QTDQuarter to Date
QR CodeQuick Response Code
QSQuality Score


REANReach, Engage, Activate, Nurture
RFIRequest for Information
RFPRequest for Proposal
ROASReturn on Ad Spend
ROIReturn on Investment
RONRun of Network
RORRuby on Rails
RoRRate of Return
ROSRun of Site
RPMRevenue Per Milli/Thousand (Impressions)
RRResale Rights (Mostly used in Ebook Selling)
RSSReally Simple Syndication/Rich Site Summary
RTBReal-time Bidding
RTDReal-time Data
RTFRich Text Format


S2SServer to Server
SaaSSoftware as a Service
SB/SBMSocial Bookmarking
SESearch Engine
SEMSearch Engine Marketing
SEOSearch Engine Optimisation
SEOsSearch Engine Optimizers
SEPSearch Engine Positioning
SERSearch Engine Ranking
SERPSearch Engine Results Page
SLAService Level Agreement
SMSocial Media
SMESmall/Medium Enterprise. (a.k.a. Small and Medium Sized Businesses)
SMMSocial Media Marketing
SMOSocial Media Optimisation
SMPSocial Media Platform
SMSShort Message Service
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNSSocial Networking Service
SOVShare of Voice
SOWStatement of Work
SQLStructured Query Language (IT)/Sales Qualified Lead (Sales & Marketing)
SRMSearch Reputation Management
SSLSecure Sockets Layer
SSPSupply-Side Platform
SWOTStrengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats


TFTrust Flow
TLAText Link Ads
TLDTop Level Domain
TLPTop Level Page
TLSTransport Layer Security
TL;DRToo Long Didn’t Read
TOFUTop of the Funnel
TOSTerms of Service


UCDUser-centric Design
UIUser Interface
UGCUser-generated Content
URIUniform Resource Identifier
URLUniform Resource Locator
USPUnique selling proposition
UTMUrchin Tracking Module (Google Analytics)
UVUnique Visitor
UXUser Experience


VAVirtual Assistant
VIPSVisual-block Page Segmentation
VMViral Marketing
VODVideo on Demand
VPVideo Promotions/Vice President (HR)


WOMMWord of Mouth Marketing
WP-CLIWordPress Command Line Interface
WPMLWeb Page Markup Language (computing)/WordPress Multilingual (Plugin)
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
WWWWorld Wide Web


XHTMLExtensible HyperText Markup Language
XMLExtensible Markup Language


YOYYear on Year
YTDYear to Date


ZMOTZero Moment of Truth

What are other digital marketing acronyms worth knowing/used often?

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