Grammarly Review – My Experience After Using Grammarly For 2 Years

You might know that I’m not a native English writer and when I started blogging last year, I was pretty weak in English.

You may not believe, but I had joined the Spoken English classes too. I learned many things, still, there was a room for improvement.

Since I wanted to start blogging, I was searching for a service to improve my English speaking and writing skills, especially grammar.

And, I found Grammarly.

It’s MUST HAVE blogging tool to all who want to write a better copy.

If you are struggling with your written content, then you should definitely give a try to the Grammarly. It’s an excellent online tool to learn grammar and improve your text articles within a few clicks.

Not sure about the copy you’ve written?

Grammarly can instantly correct more than 250 types of grammatical errors in your content.

Plus. it offers vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism detection with its premium plan. 

It’s helping me a lot in my blogging career to serve more accurate contents to my audience so that I’ve decided to write a review and step-by-step guide on Grammarly.

In this Grammarly Review article, I’m going to explain how you can use this tool on your PC to find the mistakes in your copy and correct them. 

What is Grammarly?

As I said earlier, Grammarly is an awesome tool to correct your English grammar mistakes and improve your copy score. According to the website claims, it’s the World’s Best Online Grammar Checker Tool that cure and proofreads your content to make it more accurate.

If you’re using Grammarly, forget about the mistakes which you make in your text. It’ll give you a complete list of all the errors you have made in your article and suggest possible solutions too.

This list may contain silly grammar mistakes like using “there” instead of “their” or “they’re” and forgetting to add proper punctuation marks whereas needed, etc. It also offers a vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism checking too. With Grammarly, you can see how your dull copy turns to the perfect one.

How to Use Grammarly?

Grammarly provides different versions to proofread and improve your copy whether you’re using free or premium plan. You can get the basic features with its free plan or subscribe to a premium plan to avail all the advanced features like vocabulary enhancement, advanced proofreading and plagiarism checker, etc. You’ll also get the  24X7 callback or email support with its premium plan and to be honest; it’s pretty impressive and surprisingly fast.

If you don’t have enough to pay for the paid service, then simply you can sign up for the free plan and start correcting all your spelling and grammatical errors.

Grammarly Apps

Currently, Grammarly offers three versions to its users; the browser extension, a native app for Windows PC and a Microsoft add-in.

I prefer using the browser extension which is incredibly easy to use & fix the errors within a couple of minutes. It’s also helpful while writing an important email, updating Facebook status or tweeting something new.

When you are doing anything related to the writing or proofreading, I think you should consider using Grammarly. It’ll scan your entire copy and display all the errors that need to be fixed.

Let’s see how to use the Grammarly with its different versions step-by-step.

1. Using the Extension (Download for free)

You can download and install Grammarly’s browser extension (available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) even you are using the free plan.

It will continuously scan the text and display the errors present in your content. When you hover over these errors (underlined in red), you’ll see a slide-in showing you the suggestion for your mistake.

Otherwise, it shows the total number of errors in the right-bottom corner that you can correct once you hover and click on the logo of Grammarly.

Clicking on that logo will open the editor slide where you can find your mistakes and the possible corrections based on the advanced algorithm of Grammarly.

If you don’t see any mistakes then check whether your internet connection is working or not, otherwise congratulations for no grammatical errors in your copy.

In case, you see any error, then apply the corrections suggested by the Grammarly either directly or in the editor.

Generally, I don’t make the spelling mistakes, but grammar errors and especially wrong or missing punctuations are my weak point in copywriting.

Although I’m consistently working to improve it, I still need Grammarly to help me during the editing and proofreading time.

Apart from that Grammarly proves the best sentence checker tool which tells where I should change passive voice to active or whether I’ve made an incomplete comparison or unclear sentence, etc.

Before using Grammarly, the Yoast SEO was helping me to find some basic writing improvements, but now Grammarly takes care of all.

With a premium plan, Grammarly provides many advanced features like vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism checker service with in-depth analysis of your text. Once you’ve installed the Grammarly on your computer, you just have to click on the correct words on the right side suggested by Grammarly, and the errors in the text will be replaced with the correct version of words/phrases and punctuation marks.

It not only works with WordPress but with the almost every other sites where I write regularly. There may be some exceptions where Grammarly extension doesn’t work due to some technical reason, but I use the web version of Grammarly to proofread my content.

Let’s see an example.

As I’m writing this post in the WordPress editor, it’s continuously scanning my copy and showing me the mistakes here in my article.

2. Using the Web Version of Grammarly

You may notice that using the browser extension of Grammarly is extremely simple and offers the real-time scanning of your text, but sometimes it may be inconvenient to use the browser extension.

For example, suppose you’re a freelance content writer, and you offer the article writing service to your clients in the Microsoft Word (.docx file) or some other format, then you should have to make sure that your articles are 100% error-free.

At that time, you will need a web version for Grammarly application to check your copy for the errors. You can copy-paste your article directly in Grammarly editor or simply upload your file to it with a few clicks.

It’ll proofread your content which you can save as the final draft to be delivered. The process will be the same as the mentioned earlier and the only thing to do is creating an account.

A step-by-step guide using the web version:

  1. Create an account with Grammarly. Don’t worry; it’s free.
  2. Once you’ve created the account and selected a plan whether it’s a free or premium, login to Grammarly dashboard where you’ll see something like this shown in the picture.
  3. Upload the file that you want to proofread or cure for the grammatical mistakes or just click on New button and directly copy-paste the text in Grammarly editor.
  4. Rectify all the errors in your article/content and save the improved version as your final copy.

By following these steps, you can proofread any of your articles, writing project or even the essays, homework of students, etc.

3. Using Grammarly Microsoft Add-In

It’s another excellent way to use Grammarly on your computer to fix writing errors. You have to download the Add-In for the Microsoft products. And, then you can directly use this add-in to your Microsoft applications like Word and Outlook, etc.

Grammarly Microsoft add-in

When you sign up & login to the dashboard of Grammarly account, you will see a notification to install the Microsoft add-in for Windows. You need to download the software setup file & install on your computer.

You can select both applications i.e. Microsoft Word & Outlook, where you need fixing writing errors for the most time.

Once you’ve installed the add-on, activate it with the login credentials used while creating a Grammarly account i.e. your email and password.

The next thing to do is enabling the add-in for the Microsoft applications. You can do that by clicking on the Grammarly logo in the top toolbar.

Once you enable the Add-In, it’ll scan your document or mail draft and show you the list of errors that need to be cured. You can simply fix them or ignore if you feel those words are necessary for you.

4. Using Grammarly’s Native Application For Windows

Grammarly also offers the native application for Windows users, and you can directly use without switching to the web browser. You need to download & install the software file (.exe file) on your Windows computer. After activating the app, you can start fixing the errors in your copy.

Other Important Features of Grammarly

Now you have understood that Grammarly isn’t just proofreading tool that checks for the grammatical mistakes, but it’s much more than you had thought due to its exceptional capabilities to make sure that your writing is error-free.

1. Vocabulary Enhancement

If you’re not a native speaker or writer of English like me, then you might have experienced the shortage of engaging words while copywriting.

I used to write a boring copy with repetitive words before using Grammarly, but now I’ve got an excellent tool to improve my vocabulary.

Yeah! It’s vocabulary enhancement feature of Grammarly that helps me to find alternatives to my current repetitive words and fill my copy with so many beautiful words that I can’t easily recall while writing.

Truly, it’s an amazing feature that helps to improve the vocabulary quickly.

Enabling this feature will scan your text article and find repeated words and suggest the different words having the same meaning.

You can replace them with the words/phrases suggested by Grammarly’s advanced vocabulary enhancement tool that you’ll find on the right-hand side. You need to switch this feature from left-hand sidebar of your Grammarly Dashboard.

2. Plagiarism Detection

You might know what plagiarism means. Nowadays, plagiarism a.k.a. Text piracy has become a big issue in copywriting, and Google penalizes for the plagiarized or copied contents.

So how will you know that your copy is copied or not? Have you any idea?

Yes! You can use the plagiarism checker tools for that purpose, and I’m glad to tell you that Grammarly has proved to be the best tools for plagiarism detection.

It shows the copied content within a few seconds and the source too where your materials are looking similar. You can then cite the source properly to avoid the plagiarism (percentage of copied contents should not more than 5%).

By this way, Grammarly will help you make your copy original & more unique so that you’ll not get penalized by search engines for plagiarism.

If you’re writing articles/blog posts yourself, then it may not be a big issue, but when you hire someone to write for you, then you must proofread the copy & check for plagiarism to avoid further tensions.

Here, Grammarly will definitely help you to find the copied contents by scanning & relating your copy with 8 billion web pages in its database.

It’s mind-blowing, isn’t it?

You can enable this feature from your Grammarly dashboard (on left-hand sidebar), and once you’ve done, it’ll automatically scan your text and show you the duplicate content which is already published by someone else. So you can think or change your text to make it more unique and original.

Get Grammarly

Important: The additional features listed here are included in the premium plan only and are not available in the free one!

What To Choose: Free Vs. Premium Version

We’ve already discussed, Grammarly offers you two different packages of its service. One is the free version which helps to fix basic errors in grammar & spelling.

And, the premium version has the advanced features and premium level support available 24/7 through callback & emails.

When you sign up for Grammarly account, it asks whether you want to stick to its free version or upgrade to a premium plan.

If you continue with a free version, then it corrects hundreds of basic errors like contextual spelling, critical grammar, and punctuation errors, etc. The free version works perfectly as long as it’s on your computer and help you to remove the errors in your text.

Grammarly Premium

The free version might work seamlessly. However, you should consider using the premium version of Grammarly which has additional features to make your copy more accurate and appealing.

And, if you’re getting your articles/posts written by other writers, then you should upgrade your account to a premium plan because of its unbelievable capabilities like vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism detection.

Get Grammarly

Pros and Cons of Grammarly Tool

Pros of Grammarly

You’ve seen the tons of advantages using Grammarly, but just for your knowledge the key benefits that I must tell are:

  1. It’s a fantastic tool that corrects more than 250 types of grammatical, punctuation, contextual spelling, vocabulary, etc. critical errors in your copy.
  2. Compare to Microsoft Word it’s much better and fixes more errors. According to my personal experience, Grammarly is 500% more helpful than current Microsoft Word editor in correcting grammatical errors.
  3. Microsoft Word editor missed plagiarism detection. Don’t worry, Grammarly checks your text that Google would consider copied because you know Google penalizes the plagiarized/copied content. This feature also helps you to cite the source when you copy a few lines or quotes from different websites to enhance your article/ blog post.
  4. It’s incredibly easy to use even by rookies and available in various formats like a browser extension & web version, native desktop application for Microsoft Windows and as the Microsoft Add-in package.

Cons of Grammarly

Actually, there’s no a specific disadvantage of Grammarly but a couple of things you may feel problematic. As I want to put a complete picture of Grammarly in front of my audience, you should check these points too.

  1. The first drawback of Grammarly, it’s not accessible offline, and you always need an active internet connection to use the Grammarly application because its algorithm scans your pages to the database at Grammarly server to provide you the best results that it can give you.
  2. You’ll find the work-space is compromised due to large option panel and reduces the effective use of editor space available.
  3. The premium version will cost you for additional features that I’ve mentioned earlier, but when we look at its work, no one can say it’s overpriced.
  4. It’ll not work directly for all the websites and you have to use web version to get your errors fixed. It’s due to these sites are not allowing Grammarly to scan their contents for some technical reasons.
  5. Microsoft Add-In for Word is not that smooth as I expected or as the web version. It may be slower as compared to the web.

Grammerly Microsoft Word

My Grammarly Review After Using it For 2 Years

As I said at the beginning, neither English is my first language, nor I’m an expert of it.

Although I’ve commanded over the English language significantly since last year, I still need assistance in writing error-free articles.

When I started blogging many people criticized me for my language. I used to write an engaging copy, but for most of the time, it went wrong for grammar and other writing errors.

You might have heard that,

If there is will, there is a way.

Since I’ve found this awesome tool while surfing the web and started using it, I can check where I make the mistakes. I try to improve them day-by-day, and now I make only a few errors in my article.

I started using the free version as I want to test it before going to premium or honestly I don’t want to spend on such stupid things.

Did I say stupid?

Yes! But actually I was stupid and not using the premium plan of Grammarly, and since I have started using it, I love Grammarly the most as my writing assistant.

It helps me to find spelling & grammatical mistakes, wrong or missing punctuations, and other errors like wordiness, incomplete sentence and missing word sequence in my sentences, etc.

Unlike Microsoft Word, Grammarly made me more confident in writing error-free articles and blog so that I can concentrate more on quality & deepness of my contents.

It also helps me enhance my copy with new appealing words & phrases and same time checks my copy for plagiarism to suggest me to remove the content that seems looking copied or cite the respective source.

Now It’s Your Turn

I generally use the browser extension & web version of Grammarly premium, but the Native applications for Windows & Microsoft Add-In package are also similarly good. I think you should have Grammarly on your PC whenever you write or proofread something.

From my personal experience, I can say Grammarly is the best proofreading & plagiarism detection tool that I’ve ever used. I’d like to suggest it to every content writer, blogger, student and everyone who works in writing niche because of excellent ability as an all-in-one package of Grammarly.

Grammarly provides everything as it promises and picks up every mistake you make in your copy.

The best part about Grammarly is that it gives an explanation for every mistake & possible suggestions to decide whether you want to correct it or ignore.

I can say it’s the best tool I have ever found for enhancing my writing skills and I hope you’d say similar.

In case you’ve used Grammarly, I’d like to know your experience with it. Or if you use another service similar to it, do let me know about it.

Have you ever experienced any problems with the service of Grammarly? Feel free to share with us. And, if you like this post don’t forget to share with your friends.

Did you like this Grammarly review? Please leave your comments below.


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