Instamojo Review: Online Payment Gateway with Zero Setup Fee

If you are a blogger, digital marketer or an internet entrepreneur who sells different products & services, you probably need an online payment processing service to receive the payments from your clients.

However, eCommerce payment processing is quite a difficult task and you need to take special care while sending & receiving online payments to avoid fraudulent activities & potential monetary losses.

Because the cash or check payments are not convenient in today’s world while direct bank transfer has a lot of risks involved especially when you send money to the third-party.

That’s why you need someone who will help you to solve your problems and transfer money securely and quickly.

In this case, online payment gateways are extremely helpful to the people like me who frequently buy and sell online.

Initially, I was using the PayPal to buy and sell services and still, I’m using it.

But PayPal does not support domestic payments due to RBI regulations so that I started searching for the best online payment gateways in India that offer support for local transactions and simpler onboarding.

And, I found a few services that offer the same I wanted.

I have compiled a list of payment gateway companies in India that do not charge setup fees or AMC.

Among all of them, Instamojo is one of the best payment services with a ton of great features and low transaction fees.

In this article, I’m going to break down how to setup Instamojo payment gateway, how to send & receive funds and some other amazing features.

If you search Instamojo review in Google, then you’ll get mixed opinions about this payment gateway service and you would get confused whether you should sign up with Instamojo or not.

However, in this article, I’m going to share a complete Instamojo review and my experience as a buyer as well as a seller.

But before diving in deep, let’s start with some amazing features and stats about it.

Instamojo Features

There are numerous of payment processing companies in India including CCavenue, CitrusPay & EBS, etc. but almost each of them charges the setup & AMC.

For small sellers & startups, paying such fees are not affordable and that’s why Instamojo has entered the market with the simplified payment gateway solution that helps you to collect money online.

It does not charge any setup fees or annual maintenance charges thus makes people easy to sell their products & services online.

In addition to that, Instamojo offers various amazing features you expect in a good payment gateway service.

Simple Onboarding Process

Starting with Instamojo is an extremely simple process.

Once you sign up using an email and filled some basic details like PAN & bank account information, you can start collecting payments from your customers within a few minutes.

How does Instamojo payment gateway work

Plus, you can access different services available at your dashboard including the analytics, online storefront, etc.

Payment Links with Social Integration

Have you seen links for quick payments?

It’s one of the best options to get paid without revealing the sensitive information.

Instamojo offers the similar service for Indian merchants to create quick payment links and share easily on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, etc.

How to Create Instamojo Payment Link

Payment Analytics

Keeping eyes on the analytics tab plays a major role in the growth of every business.

That’s why Instamojo offers payment analytics to its merchant partners in a beautiful format to display the customer demographics and payment trends.

Plus, you can search, filter and export the available raw payment data to a spreadsheet.

However, this feature will get enabled only after you received minimum 5 payments through Instamojo payment gateway.

Free Online Storefront

You can create your own web store in just a few minutes with Instamojo and it’s completely free.

Have you ever tried building an e-commerce store to sell or drop ship products online?

You might know how difficult to create an online store and how big one could cost you.

For newbies who want a sophisticated eCommerce store with payment gateway integration, Instamojo will easily beat its competitors.

You can create an online store and list your products or services at a single place without involving in a custom web development.

Plus, you can add business information, contact details and customize the visual appearance of your web store adding a logo & cover photo.

You also get shopping cart & checkout integration to your online store with all payment modes enabled including credit/debit cards and net banking.

Yes!  There is one more awesome feature for Instamojo partners. They can create an affiliate network to boost their sales volume without any extra cost excluding affiliate fees. 

Digital File Hosting

Are you a professional graphic designer or a musician or a photographer?

Might be an author or anyone who wants to sell digital products online.

If yes, then you have good news.

When you sell your contents such as ebooks, images & videos, music files, digital arts, 3D mockups, and illustration, you get royalty only up to 35-80% and in rare cases, more than that.

But if you have good marketing skills to promote your own products, Instamojo offers you a digital file hosting solution without any extra cost or development fees.

Your customers can pay and download the content and you’ll be charged only 5%+₹ 3 per successful transaction.

Free Tools for Small Businesses (+Premium Add-ons)

Instamojo is more than a regular payment gateways service offering a numerous of free & premium tools for small businesses.

You can get free tools including Invoice generator, Google Analytics integration, QR code and business card maker, etc.

While some growing business can purchase the pro add-ons such as Personalized social pay, pro analytics, missed call marketing, payment retry, etc. using Instamojo credits to earn more business.

Development Support

Apart from its hosted online store, Instamojo provides support for external integrations through developer APIs and plugins for major platforms.

Instamojo APIs support five different programming languages including Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, and C++ while the plugins are available for WordPress (WooCommerce), Drupal, CS-cart, Magento, Presta Shop, Meteor, Open Cart, and WHMCS.

To get full benefits of external integrations, you must have verified business profile at Instamojo, otherwise, the payments will be made through Instamojo window itself.

Instamojo Pricing

Instamojo seems quite honest & transparent with its pricing structure. Although it does not charge any setup fee or AMC, at the same time there is no minimum commitment.

Instamojo Pricing structure

For regular payments, Instamojo charges 2%+₹3+GST and accept payments through different online payment channels including debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI and mobile wallets.

And, if you have web store with Instamojo to sell digital products & files, you’ll be charged 5%+₹3+GST that includes file hosting & downloads too.

However, this pricing is available for domestic transactions and you can request quotes for international credit cards & AMEX cards in case you need so.

For a normal seller, Instamojo pricing seems quite impressive with many advanced features without any extra cost.

Currently, Instamojo provides payment processing only in INR (₹) and does not support payments in alternate currencies.

Although it supports the payments from the cards issued outside of India, these customers will see the price in Indian Rupees (₹).

The sellers or businesses having large sales volume can also request custom pricing based on their monthly volume & other requirements.

My Experience with Instamojo (Real Instamojo Review)

From last few years, I’m working online and started blogging back in 2016.

Initially, PayPal was just fine for me to send & receive payments. Though PayPal fees suck a lot, the reliability and security at PayPal are unignorable.

But when I thought to create and sell my ebook for the Indian audience, I started searching the online payment gateways offering such services with minimum cost and landed up at the Instamojo.

However, it was a very bad experience in my online career. Although I submitted correct and valid KYC document copies, Instamojo failed to verify my account.

At that time, I was seriously looking for a payment processing service with no setup fees and annual maintenance charges but could not find any better alternative.

I tried to connect with Instamojo customer care but I didn’t receive any satisfactory resolution of my problem and unfortunately, they closed my first account.

I was shocked but what could I do?

Though I sold a few copies my ebook with Amazon KDP and another couple of self-publishing platforms but finally dropped that idea.

But recently I heard that Instamojo has improved a lot and thought to give it a try.

At this time, I used a custom email address instead of my regular Gmail address to sign up and completed the whole process including email verification within a few minutes.

Then I uploaded all KYC document copies to Instamojo and within one week, they removed the monthly limit of ₹10000 and got a full-fledged admin dashboard.

Since then I have collected a few payments via Instamojo and received all money securely in my ICICI bank account.

Plus, I have received ₹500 as a signup bonus for registering through a special referral link.

Do you want to collect money online from your customers or want to create a digital store to sell your products & service without building an eCommerce website?

Instamojo is a great platform to start with.

Pros and Cons of Instamojo

As I said earlier, I had a bad experience with Instamojo customer care and there are many things you would like and dislike.

So, here I have mentioned some pros and cons of Instamojo payment gateway to decide whether you should go with it or not.

Pros of

  1. Flexible pricing structure with zero setup fees and no AMC
  2. No minimum commitment so you need not worry about the volume you drive per month. However, more sales are better for the growth of your business.
  3. Hosted online store to sell the physical as well as digital products
  4. Free digital file hosting with no monthly charges
  5. Easily shareable payment links with social media integration
  6. 15+ different add-on apps (free and premium)
  7. Copy-paste payment buttons (customizable) and development support for external integrations
  8. Automatic routing of payments to prevent transaction failure

Cons of

  1. Document verification is not up to the mark
  2. Instamojo customer care especially live chat feature is still to improve where you need to open a support ticket for small problems.
  3. Chargebacks may seriously affect your seller account. (Even you have not broken rules).
  4. Instamojo WordPress plugin for individual account owners is just hype.

Should You Use Instamojo For Your Online Business

I have already mentioned various features, pricing structure, pros & cons and my real life experience with Instamojo.

For bloggers, startup entrepreneurs and small businesses who need a simple payment gateway service, Instamojo is a great choice.

However, large business and enterprises can upgrade their account with premium add-ons like pro-analytics, SMS sales alert, payment retry and missed call marketing, etc. by purchasing credits from your dashboard.

Now, you can decide whether it’s a good choice to go with Instamojo payment gateway.

How to Start Accepting Payments With Instamojo [₹500 Sign up Bonus]

To start accepting payment and receive in your bank accounts, you will need to signup for Instamojo. 

Plus, you can receive ₹500 sign up bonus once you verify your business profile and collect your first successful payment transaction (at least ₹1) from your customer through Instamojo payment gateway.

Remember, this offer is only available for legit businesses and not for personal transactions.

Sign up For Instamojo [Get ₹500 Bonus]

Instamojo referral sign up

On the landing page, you need to add a valid email address (custom email address is always better) and set a strong password for creating an account with Instamojo.

After you signed up, verify your mobile number to avoid fraudulent activities, set your preferred username and add important KYC information and bank details where you want to withdraw all your payments.

Verify email address and business/domain ownership to upgrade your account and remove monthly transactions limit of ₹10,000.

On your dashboard, you can create payment links and send to your customers.

Now, you can receive payments from your customers via different modes including debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI and mobile wallets.

Within a week (mostly in 3days), you will receive your money directly to your bank account.

So, signup today for free and start exploring the amazing features of Instamojo.

Final Words

You will see numerous Instamojo reviews on the different website and mixed experiences of many people as an end user of this payment gateway. 

But this article is all inclusive of features, pricing, setup process and the real-life experience that I have written earlier. If you think Instamojo is a perfect fit for your business needs and could save a few bucks for you, definitely give a try to it.

Sign up For Instamojo [Get ₹500 Bonus]

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