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List of 200+ Best Web 2.0 Sites For Backlinks [Free Download]

Last updated on June 15th, 2018 at 05:38 am

Before presenting the list of best Web 2.0  sites for backlinks to improve your website’s organic ranking, you need to first understand what actually Web 2.0 means. After that you can easily create multiple Web 2.0 properties or a PBN to rank your primary website.

What does Web 2.0 mean? [Definition]

Web 2.0 means the second generation of the world wide web where it moved from static HTML pages (constrained web communication) to the dynamic web experience.

Web 2.0 is mainly focused on the ability for people to collaborate and share information through online platforms such social media, blogs, and web-based groups/communities.

Web 2.0 websites have brought a massive shift in the web experience to make it more interactive because of its multi-channel and multi-directional communication abilities between users, publishers, and developers rather than the uni-directional information transfer that previously existed in the older version.

And, the development of new tools made it possible for almost anyone to contribute, regardless of their technical knowledge which ultimately made web 2.0 popular.

Remember, Web 2.0 is pronounced as “web-two-point-o.”

Still, does it sound a little technical and difficult to understand, huh?

The term Web 2.0 has evolved over the time and in today’s world it’s an integral part of anyone’s online life.

Although the social media and blogs are the major components, new web applications like AJAX and development of modern browsers has started providing the opportunities to people to express themselves like never before.

For example,

A review website can use user generated contents (UGC), photographs from various photo sharing websites, social media contents and integrate Google maps using API to create better and more complete user experience.

For some people, it may be just a buzzword but we all know there’s really a difference between 90’s brochure-like websites and today’s dynamic web 2.0 websites.

Benefits of Using Best Web 2.0 Sites for Backlinks

Using high DA web 2.0 websites for backlinks can help you improve your SEO efforts and get a boost in search engine ranking.

Here are a few benefits of using best web 2.0 websites for backlink having high domain authority and dofollow attribute.

  1. Creating web 2.0 properties is free and you don’t need to pay anyone unless you decide to upgrade your plan which is completely optional.
  2. You have control over your backlink profile and you can get contextual dofollow links for the lifetime.
  3. Since almost every website from our list has undergone several development phases and ultimately built for the best possible user experience, creating & maintaining them is simple. Plus, you don’t even need many technical and coding skills.
  4. Best web 2.0 sites for backlinks mentioned in our list have high domain authority and great SEO metrics values which carries more trust to your primary site which leads in quick SERP climb.
  5. If you have taken some efforts to create good web 2.0 website, then ultimately it attracts more people to consume your contents and your money site gets the referral traffic as well.
  6. A few websites like Blogger, Wix, WordPress, etc. lets you make money through different monetization channels including Ad networks, affiliate marketing, and CPA.

List of 200+ Best Web 2.0 Sites For Backlinks [Free Download]

Best Web 2.0  Sites List with High DA

Sr. No.DomainGlobal Alexa RankCountryCountry Alexa Rank States (US)1
2yahoo.com7United States (US)8
3wordpress.com59United States (US)61
4tumblr.com56United States (US)23
5fc2.com143Japan (JP)11
6blogger.com282India (IN)157
7livejournal.com248Russia (RU)15
8deviantart.com165United States (US)95
9wix.com436United States (US)347
10weebly.com350United States (US)208
11goodreads.com349United States (US)164
12rediff.com500India (IN)30
13evernote.com476United States (US)434
144shared.com685Brazil (BR)92
15box.com451United States (US)162
16issuu.com750United States (US)1235
17jimdo.com1090France (FR)506
18interia.pl671Poland (PL)10
19zoho.com511India (IN)127
20zing.vn863Vietnam (VN)7
21shutterfly.com2463United States (US)560
22gawker.com12782United States (US)3117 (TW)20
24sfgate.com1258United States (US)290
25xing.com1740Germany (DE)95
26typepad.com3840United States (US)1721
27hubpages.com10063United States (US)3756
28salon.com5553United States (US)1259
29myanimelist.net466United States (US)291
30last.fm1373United States (US)1400
31myspace.com4778United States (US)1911
32slashdot.org6619United States (US)1996
33zimbio.com4244United States (US)1630
34redbubble.com1437United States (US)589
35webs.com6281United States (US)2832
36wikispaces.com2979United States (US)2843
37blog.com122661United States (US)113548
38skyrock.com5049France (FR)255
39diigo.com11758India (IN)1786
40ghanaweb.com1626Ghana (GH)4
41ucoz.com7896Romania (RO)1267
42tripod.com5659United States (US)4092
43opera.com2477India (IN)1547
44care2.com18483United States (US)10178
45mouthshut.com16857India (IN)1266
46storify.com13195India (IN)7238
47calameo.com3926France (FR)614
48wikidot.com2233United States (US)881
49centerblog.net6873France (FR)577
50yuku.com218468United States (US)501667
51dzone.com3898India (IN)895
52angelfire.com11274United States (US)5915
53mywapblog.com1794943Indonesia (ID)93060
54webnode.com11574Brazil (BR)983
55gaiaonline.com8546United States (US)2073
56newsvine.com670463United States (US)178065
57edublogs.org20607United States (US)8673
58soup.io25206India (IN)6970
59eklablog.com5729France (FR)274
60blox.pl25172Poland (PL)433
61yudu.com86911United States (US)43812
62experienceproject.com198396United States (US)117135
63wayn.com24720United Kingdom (GB)35593
64lycos.com27936United States (US)18171
65socialmediatoday.com24194United States (US)10797
66bravenet.com67619United States (US)33042
67unblog.fr17355France (FR)1041
68dreamwidth.org9777United States (US)3581
69bravesites.com0– (-)
70merchantcircle.com80869United States (US)28559
71wetpaint.com88843United States (US)31008
72forumotion.com17503United States (US)9162
73ge.tt38504Denmark (DK)19515
74purevolume.com95339India (IN)16957
75fotki.com46055United States (US)19547
76jigsy.com108345India (IN)17724
77foroactivo.com12292Spain (ES)559
78yola.com53129United States (US)26470
7923hq.com154081India (IN)14316
80kiwibox.com173906India (IN)20666
81selfgrowth.com53828United States (US)30198
82albawaba.com19197Egypt (EG)793
83pen.io224517India (IN)30691
84citeulike.org59509China (CN)25253
85getsatisfaction.com36467United States (US)12792
86technorati.com916140United States (US)318323
87rebelmouse.com111834United States (US)35414
88beep.com169011India (IN)38782
89blogtalkradio.com21588United States (US)6720
90page.tl0– (-)
91youblisher.com48042Brazil (BR)5688
92squidoo.com52702United States (US)12906
93moonfruit.com88627United Kingdom (GB)10395
94inube.com257703India (IN)28202
95ipernity.com111921India (IN)27087
96smore.com13685United States (US)3411
97buzznet.com262872United States (US)83976
98dailystrength.org90530United States (US)27849
99bcz.com418853India (IN)47757
100jamendo.com20946Spain (ES)3438
101docdroid.net22566United States (US)13345
102soundclick.com34168United States (US)15828
103exteen.com155496United States (US)202152
104blog.de523942Germany (DE)76841
105own-free-website.com231726India (IN)27744
106sosblogs.com607605India (IN)77848
107wallinside.com204150India (IN)27162
108friendfeed.com739380United States (US)318512
109bitcomet.com22390China (CN)4738
110spruz.com165813India (IN)24617
111freehostia.com72139United States (US)88117
112postbit.com274026India (IN)75344
113insanejournal.com42687United States (US)8242
114blackplanet.com96458United States (US)30301
115keepandshare.com115197United States (US)32013
116jambase.com29785United States (US)5113
117sitew.com81533France (FR)5651
118travelpod.com481222United States (US)198128
119tribe.net1373539United States (US)647054
120drupalgardens.com2529345– (-)
121pusha.se748346India (IN)77866
122netlog.com3360915– (-)
123onsugar.com273814United States (US)129261
124friendsite.com0– (-)
125kickofflabs.com148945United States (US)76556
126kidblog.org65615Japan (JP)7934
127travellerspoint.com100616United States (US)48884
128freewebsite-service.com1280714India (IN)126751
129snappages.com270664United States (US)89735
130blurpalicious.com272898India (IN)22842
131snackwebsites.com1020724India (IN)89685
132cabanova.com218690France (FR)29505
133doomby.com191623United Kingdom (GB)35342
134thoughts.com1480383India (IN)278313
135travelblog.org77229China (CN)20592
136webgarden.com573790India (IN)80310
137kazeo.com94813France (FR)5747
138jumptags.com886687United States (US)191234– (-)
140hatena.com210349Japan (JP)22354
141manifo.com226398Poland (PL)4952
142doodlekit.com123688India (IN)24667
143areavoices.com221084United States (US)110557
144posterous.com257069United States (US)130578
145allvoices.com776789United States (US)183148
146hazblog.com486444Mexico (MX)30762
147blog.hr0– (-)
148freepdfhosting.com438210India (IN)49720
149twoday.net271575Germany (DE)35081
150rhizome.org180661United States (US)82143
151blogigo.com1028685India (IN)340468
152filesanywhere.com171316United States (US)38203
15343things.com16725192– (-)
154teennick.com280194United States (US)71083
155getjealous.com897588India (IN)107782
156migente.com1194433India (IN)178102
157friendster.com354386Philippines (PH)11916
158synthasite.com0– (-)
159slmame.com369888Japan (JP)34017
160xfire.com553453United States (US)205324
161maruta.be0– (-)
162devhub.com1063217India (IN)173316
163soulcast.com0– (-)
164joe.pl232631Poland (PL)4813– (-)
166mytripjournal.com1460625United States (US)386939
167flixya.com362056United States (US)183757
168miarroba.com379973United States (US)130649
169tblog.com4318604– (-)
170webspawner.com1178684India (IN)154404
171blogbaker.com3356814India (IN)223393
172hotklix.com761479United States (US)154212
173freewha.com274945India (IN)74071
174blogdrive.com679411United States (US)245021
175wox.cc690318India (IN)253017
176mymfb.com1618704Pakistan (PK)34569
177blogsome.com688902India (IN)126853
178postagon.com1546076United States (US)586702
17920minutes-blogs.fr147838France (FR)5276
180zoomgroups.com1197569United States (US)335690
181datahub.io191336United States (US)137770
182nexopia.com640887Canada (CA)52661
183bravejournal.com1535586India (IN)308720
184sailblogs.com823002Australia (AU)26402
185beeplog.de4449984– (-)
186iblog.at1890967India (IN)179934
187fotopages.com787357United States (US)313080
188space.travel8624918– (-)
189ourstory.com1229048United States (US)601542
190vefblog.net795536France (FR)59828
191workitmom.com836415United States (US)309031
192over-blog.com1475France (FR)93
193couchsurfing.org165084United States (US)124625
194blog.fr4358944– (-)
195yousaytoo.com747165United States (US)412928
196bloghi.com5518140India (IN)371975
197diaryland.com1036296United States (US)453633
198vip-blog.com594591France (FR)52601
199asianave.com1972504India (IN)325201
200multiply.com355712United States (US)94369
201jux.com2127268– (-)
202zootoo.com4362683India (IN)322267
203a-thera.com560964Japan (JP)20797
204ohlog.com976838Indonesia (ID)58887
205blogspace.fr7654378– (-)
206iseekblog.com3599747India (IN)311946
207busythumbs.com6114240– (-)
208yourtrainings.com4032654– (-)
209geckogo.com6048499– (-)
210sphinn.com10723972– (-)
211wordpressy.pl12108989– (-)
212journalspace.com5323557– (-)
213iloveblog.com0– (-)
214sosblog.com3377535– (-)
215worldvillage.com2480399– (-)
216bigcontact.com3149496– (-)
217ziki.com4290467– (-)
218sweetcircles.com5695400– (-)
219bloggers.nl1843725United States (US)449788– (-)
221pdfcast.org9931632– (-)
222trusted.md0– (-)
223opendiary.com767563United States (US)484853
224bloggerteam.com7391331– (-)
225uwcblog.com0– (-)
226crowdvine.com0– (-)
227greasy.com3268148India (IN)281400
228fizzlive.com0– (-)
229blogskinny.com6719647– (-)
230unityfirst.com5236914– (-)

Maybe some people are still struggling to get improvement in SERP ranking with the help of web 2.0 sites for backlinks.

If you are in the same situation, then there’s something wrong.

Is there any hack?

No! Simply follow the guide below how to create a PBN with web 2.0 manually and avoid being spotted on Google’s Radar to save yourself from the penalty.

How to Create PBN with Best Web 2.0 Sites For Backlinks?

You already know what web 2.0 means. However, creating a single or a few random web 2.0 websites won’t help you much because many people do the same.

In this guide, I’m sharing a great method to build a PBN (Private Blog Network) with web 2.0 to get massive SEO value to your money site.

If you still don’t know what backlink means then it’s just any link pointing to your website/blog which is also known as an inbound or incoming link.

To create a PBN with web 2.0 you need a few resources.

  1. Random email accounts with login details
  2. List of best web 2.0 sites for backlinks
  3. SEO-optimized contents to upload to these websites
  4. VPN/proxies
  5. Miscelliounse tools

#1. When you are creating web 2.0 sites for yourself or your clients, you should use random email accounts to minimize tracking. Using VPN or Proxies also help you to work privately.

For email accounts, you can use Gmail, Yahoo mail, Rediff, etc. and if you can’t afford VPN (Virtual Private Network), then use Built-in VPN feature in the Opera Browser or install Browsec VPN chrome extension.

#2. The next step is creating a schedule for building PBN with web 2.0 sites. To be safe, I suggest only 4-5 websites for a couple of days.

You already have a list of best web 2.0 sites for backlinks where you can choose properties where you want to build your SEO empire. If you don’t have the list, you can download it from here.

#3. In this step, you’ll be actually creating websites and adding your bio to profile section. Fill maximum fields you can.

Remember, building links manually is much better than using SEO software like GSA.

This a little time-consuming process in SEO but worth every minute you invest.

#4. After creating the site, you need to add contents to these sites. Pick only a couple of web 2.0 websites and write only original contents on each website (around 10 posts X 500 words).

Yes, you can rewrite or auto-spin the already published posts from your own website or other authoritative sources but make sure you are publishing only human readable and plagiarism free contents. Rich media files will have added advantages if used smartly.

#5. Maintain a random gap in publishing frequency to look it natural and keep adding more content depending on the niche.

#6. Now, you can index these properties with free/premium indexers and verify to the search consoles of different search engines. Submit URL to Google and adding the sitemap is also part of indexing your website.

You can let your content index and rank naturally if you have the patience to see fruitful results later on. In this case, sharing your contents on Google + and other Google properties will help you a lot. Apart from this popular social channels are another option.

This is simple, isn’t it?

#7. Keep a random gap and create maximum web 2.0 websites possible for you. In a couple of months, you will have a PBN of around 50-75 high-quality web 2.0 sites which you can either interlink with each other or point some relevant backlinks from high-quality pages to your money articles.

Remember, you need not place the links of your money site in every web 2.0 property. Use tiered structure like only very high DA (90+) and popular site like,,, etc. in tier 1 and rest websites in subsequent tiers based on their DA and other SEO metrics.


I know this is definitely not an easy task so I have mentioned every possible point which will help you. Plus, added a downloadable list of best 2.0 sites for backlinks. It’s always better to have an excel spreadsheet to keep track on your daily progress.

Follow this simple process and you will see improvements earlier than you have expected.

In case, you like this post and think it’s worth sharing, please help others by sharing it with them.

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