MilesWeb Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2019

MilesWeb Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2019 will be live on 29 November and continue to 2 December.

Don’t miss one a year opportunity to grab exclusive  50% off coupon code for MilesWeb hosting plans.

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MilesWeb Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

MilesWeb is a leading web hosting company that serves the global market presence. With a massive customer base in the USA, UK, India, and Australia, it’s one of the top-rated web hosting companies.

MilesWeb offers a one-stop solution for your hosting related requirements and provides services at an affordable cost.

Here are special offers or MilesWeb Black Friday sale.

MilesWeb Shared Hosting

MilesWeb shared hosting plans are ideal for beginners who need limited resources and have a limited budget. These web hosting plans offer SSD disk storage, significant bandwidth per month, free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and cPanel.

People who are starting their first blog can opt-in to MilesWeb shared hosting. Once their blog starts growing, they can upgrade to a more premium plan or shift to VPS.

Sr. No. Web Hosting Plan Regular Price (Per Month) Discount Special Price (Per Month) Link
Cheap Web Hosting
1. Lite  ₹100 50% ₹50 Discount Link
2. Deluxe ₹350 50% ₹175 Discount Link
3. Ultimate ₹420 50% ₹210 Discount Link
Unlimited Hosting
4. Tyro ₹120 50% ₹60 Discount Link
5. Swift ₹370 50% ₹185 Discount Link
6. Turbo ₹570 50% ₹285 Discount Link
WordPress Hosting
7. Ace ₹138 50% ₹69 Discount Link
8. Heart ₹420 50% ₹210 Discount Link
9. Diamond  ₹980 50% ₹490 Discount Link
AWS WordPress Hosting
10. Alpha (AWS) ₹490 20% ₹392 Discount Link
11. Beta (AWS) ₹990 20% ₹792 Discount Link
12. Zeta (AWS) ₹1490 20% ₹1192 Discount Link
Windows Hosting
13. Basic ₹120 30% ₹84 Discount Link
14. Value ₹275 30% ₹192.50 Discount Link
15. Unlimited ₹465 30% ₹325.50 Discount Link

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

If you are searching for a reseller web hosting, then MilesWeb has a range of Linux and Windows reseller hosting plans. Every plan comes with some standard features, including SSD disk storage, Let’s Encrypt free SSL, white-label (private nameservers), cPanel and script auto-installer.

Malware scan, email services, domain reseller account, free website builder are few other perks with MilesWeb reseller hosting plans.

You may choose the data center location to minimize latency issues for your clients’ websites. However, depending on the server location, the prices may little vary from the standard pricing.

Remember, you can purchase reseller add-ons on the checkout page to improve performance, security, and management efficiency for a reseller account and website hosted with it.

Sr. No. Web Hosting Plan Regular Price (Per Month) Discount Special Price (Per Month) Link
cPanel Reseller Hosting
1. Bronze ₹580 50% ₹290 Discount Link
2. Silver ₹1000 50% ₹500 Discount Link
3. Gold ₹1400 40% ₹840 Discount Link
4. Platinum ₹1900 40% ₹1140 Discount Link
Unlimited Linux Reseller Hosting (with WHMCS)
5. Pluto ₹1120 25% ₹840 Discount Link
6. Mars ₹1820 25% ₹1365 Discount Link
7. Jupiter ₹2660 25% ₹1995 Discount Link
Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting
8. Entry ₹630 30% ₹441 Discount Link
9. Smart ₹840 30% ₹588 Discount Link
10. Plus ₹1260 30% ₹882 Discount Link
Unlimited Windows Reseller Hosting
11. Pluto ₹1260 30% ₹882 Discount Link
12. Mars ₹1960 30% ₹1372 Discount Link
13. Jupiter ₹2800 30% ₹1960 Discount Link

Why You Should Buy MilesWeb Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers

1. Blazing Fast Website Speed

With an attention span of less than 2 seconds, you have a little time to impress the website visitors.

If your website takes too long to load web pages, most likely the visitors will abandon your web page, leaving a negative impact on SEO and marketing strategy.

MilesWeb offers SSD powered hosting with many advanced features to help you achieve better loading time.

2. Cloudflare CDN and Railgun

MilesWeb offer Cloudflare CDN and Railgun feature to improve website performance. Enabling CDN is a great way to decrease the bandwidth costs and offer high availability with faster loading time.

Cloudflare Railgun is a web optimization technology that speeds up the delivery of non-cached web pages. It also serves additional benefits, including the reduction in bandwidth usage, data transfer time, and overall page loading time.

3. PHP 7.X and HTTP/2 Support

MilesWeb supports the latest PHP 7.X and HTTP/2 out of the box. These features allow a faster and secure web experience.

4. Global Presence

Founded back in 2012, MilesWeb has emerged as the world’s one of the leading web hosting providers.

Currently, MilesWeb has six data centers across four continents with all standard amenities and on-site professional staff. 

You can pick the server location nearest to your targeted audience to achieve faster site speed.

5. Daily Backups

You work hard to build a professional website, but the worst things may happen to anyone.

In case, your website goes down due to malware attack or hacking attempt; it’s a nightmare you’ll hardly survive.

However, you can restore the original version of your website if you have a backup copy.

MilesWeb offers a daily backup with all web hosting plans, but you need to purchase it as an add-on feature.

6. Bulletproof Security Features

MilesWeb ensures that every website hosted with them is protected from malware, trojans, viruses, and hacking attempts. 

You’ll get unlimited free SSL via Let’s Encrypt for websites hosted with MilesWeb. Plus, it offers free malware scan and removal service that gives you extra peace of mind.

In case, you need a custom email address including your domain name, MilesWeb supports a secure email communication over POP3/SMTP/IMAP.

7. 24/7/365 Technical Support

Around the clock technical support is the major reason to purchase MilesWeb Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Whenever you need technical assistance, the MilesWeb support executive will help you resolve the problem as quickly as possible. 

You can connect them via live chat and raise your issues. You’ll interact with a real human instead of an AI bot that refers to some knowledge base articles.

In case, you have opened an email ticket, you can expect their reply within 15 minutes.

MilesWeb is one of the top-rated web hosting companies in the market, and without stellar support, it’s impossible to achieve this status.

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Milesweb Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2019
Milesweb Black Friday offer

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