How To Start A Free Blog With In 15 Minutes

Why blogging?

If you are full of ideas and want to express to the world, then you can choose many options in front of you. Social media, blogs, vlogs, events, etc. are popular among all of these. You would think why people choose to blog if excellent resources like the Facebook, Twitter are present.

As we know, all these resources work for us to express our ideas, but they have limitations in certain aspects. Though it’s nice to start-up your online presence, you have to move to pro level one or the next day.Blogging one of them.

You can go for vlog (video blog) too. In the blog, you have more control over your contents. You can design for better viewing, easier navigation, and overall user experience in your ways. Even you can use some marketing strategies and earn some money to pursue your passion with stability.

Before Start-Up

If you have nice ideas and want to show your talent, then you can start to blog. Before that research about this specific topic (niche) and find the value you want to give to your contents.

You can take reference from trends in market and keyword analytics to find perfect topic for your blog. Prepare your topic in such way that you can deliver quality throughout your content and overall blogging.

According to me, there is 50% importance goes to preparation, 20% to writing and designing the contents and remaining 30% to overview and correction. To bring nice quality, you should follow this strategy.

You must go for relevant topics to your blog niche so that you can integrate other subjects to your contents and improve your content quality. But never forget to your main niche. To the healthy growth of your blog, you should concentrate on a single topic only. You can use relevant sub-topic for better user interaction, but it should not exceed limits.

Platforms For Blogging

Once you emphatically decided and prepared for blogging with an excellent topic, next step is to select the platform to start a blog. You can select anything among the hundreds of blogging platforms.

You can decide whether you want a free platform or paid (self-hosted). Blogger, WordPress, Weebly are the few names famous for blogging purpose.

Every platform has its pros and cons. So you can select according to your preference. As you are the rookie to this field, first of all, choose a free platform to blog. Give a try to your skills and check whether you are worth it or not.

Learn all strategies including content building, designing, content marketing, etc. and when you will feel you can do even better then move to the self-hosted platform. I hope that now you have better understood the basics of the blogging. So let’s get started.

From here you will get step by step guide to creating your free blog. There are so many platforms for blogging, but I have chosen the Blogger due to its ease of use. It’s free and very handy platform for learning purpose. I have two blogs on Blogger with different niche, and I have learned a lot from these both. You will experience that after you start with this platform.

Step blogger-logoBy Step Guide For Starting A Blog With  The Blogger:

Now we will start to create a blog with the blogger. You are just a few minutes away from your blog. Follow this guide step by step and express your ideas to the whole world.


Open your internet browser. Better to go with the Google Chrome. Type ‘’ in the search box and press enter. You can use Menu button of Google apps of your Chrome browser that’s located in the top-left corner of the browser.

Select the Blogger option from the drop down menu, and it will bring you to the Blogger’s landing page. Read all the relevant Terms of Service, Privacy and Content Policy of the Blogger.


After reading all these policies and terms click on ‘Create Your Blog’ button. For creating a blog, you will need an email account that is easy to create. Generally, all people who are using the internet have at least one email account. You can continue with that.

Enter a valid email and a password and sign in your account. Select your profile and continue to Blogger. Click on ‘Create New Blog’ button.

It will bring you to Blogger’s pop up of creating a new blog. Select appropriate title related to your predetermined niche. Select title short but sweet and easy to remember.

Type address for your blog and check the availability. Put another address if it’s already taken by another blogger. The address you put in the address box is a subdomain on, and that can be changed later if you want.

If you want a custom domain name, you can add it from Settings. You’ll need to buy a domain name from the third-party domain registrar.

Check out our deal page to get a domain name of your choice in minimum cost.

Select any template from the list provided below, and your blog will be created in few seconds.

Inside The Blogger

Once you create a blog, then start to develop it. Blogger has a mobile friendly version, and it works fine with most of the gadgets and runs as a responsive template. You have to just focus on the healthy growth of your blog.  If you have an article written before then, you can publish it instantly.

Go to the Posts > New Post and write the article related to your niche. You can download the media files too. Give the proper title to it and click on ‘Publish.’ Your article will be live to your visitors.

You can publish your pre-written article too. One thing to remember is not to publish any copyrighted material (text, image, audio, video, etc.) to avoid the future conflicts. There are so many tools to check the Plagiarism. You can use them to improve your article to the unparalleled level.

You can create important pages like the About US, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, etc. with the help of the ‘Pages.’ You can search other websites and blogs to get clues and create your pages in a better way.


Beautify Your Blog

You can change the current layout of your blog. You can add sidebars, footer, and gadgets to your blog or remove them with the help of ‘Layout’ and ‘Template’ menus.

First of all, go to the Template > Customise. In that section, you will be able to change Template, Background, and Layout of your blog. If you want to adjust the width of the blog or sidebars, then you can change these setting from ‘Adjust widths’ menu.

In ‘Advanced’ menu you can change the font, font size, font color, and background color, etc. for posts (Body), sidebars, header, and footer, etc. Even you can add CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) from there.

To add new widgets and rearrangement them in particular design layout you can use ‘Layout’ menu of the Blogger. You can change the Blogger Favicon with your custom one and add the image, blog title and description from header section of the ‘Layout’ menu.


In ‘Settings’ menu you can change all settings and permissions of your blog. That includes settings of the blog title, description, privacy, email, language preference and user settings. You can change the blog permissions like Blog Admin, Authors, and Readers in Permission section of Settings.

Stats, Comments & Campaigns

These menus are also necessary to develop your blog. You will able to get the overview, traffic source and audience statistics from the ‘Stats.’

You can check all comments and Spam comments in the ‘Comment’ menu.

From ‘Campaigns’ menu, you can advertise your blog or products with the help of Google AdWords. If you’re an owner a business or want to sell the products on behalf of any third-party, then you can use this tool to your benefit.



Google provides not only the free platform for blogging but also the chance to make money with its advertising network. When you publish the 30-40 quality post with the niche you have selected, you can apply for the Google AdSense. AdSense team will take 1-2 days to evaluate your contents and approve your request.

If they disapprove your request, don’t worry. Follow the guideline and Content Policy published by the Google and work on your blog. Try to publish more quality contents with proper design. Learn basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and apply all these things to your blog. Don’t give up and continue working on your blog.

You can take help from experts or from the internet to take your blog to another height. After getting approved for AdSense, you can try different methods to earn money. But don’t use these methods before getting approval because Google may think you are here just for making money, not for blogging. And, don’t use the marketing gimmicks with Google, it will lower your overall reputation and ranking in search result.

Wrap Up

These are the basics I have shared about the Blogger platform to create your blog in very few minutes and free of cost. I hope that now you’ll express your ideas and make your blogging career better.

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