14 Top Bloggers You Must Follow To Get Proven Success Mantras In 2017

Are you an aspiring blogger and looking for a little inspiration to continue your journey toward success?

If yes, then you should follow this post, and I’m sure you’ll definitely get something that you want. Here, I’ve listed the top bloggers in this post and their lives are the live examples for you to stand out and fight. If you follow them, you’d never give up.

See, the complete list of top bloggers influencing the web with their amazing blogging skills & knowledge and making a living from it. I’m sure that you’ll like the following list of 14 top bloggers to get the motivation to achieve success in 2017.

top bloggers influencers in blogging

Neil Patel

If you’re planning to blog or even you’ve started quite before sometimes, you should know Neil Patel. He is the co-founder of the companies like Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. If you want to find out more, please visit his blogs and QuickSprout.

He helps various renowned companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom, etc. grow their revenue with the aid of his digital marketing skills.

Why am I saying this to you?

Let’s see few examples proving Neil as a top influencer in blogging & digital marketing industry.

The Wall Street Journal and Forbes call Neil Patel as a top influencer on the web in online marketing. Moreover, Entrepreneur Magazine says that Neil is a founder of one of the hundreds of the most brilliant companies in the world. He has got recognition from President Barak Obama as one of the top hundred entrepreneurs under the age of 30, and a top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations. He has also been awarded from the US House of Representatives for Congressional Recognition.

Being a successful Blogger & Entrepreneur, he is helping the people in digital marketing with his vast 15+ years of experience that he learned during his journey from zero to hero. If you want inspiration, then he’s a live example in front of you. You can read his life story to look insight what made him successful that we see today.

His blogs are an excellent source of information for blogging, copywriting, digital marketing & entrepreneurship.

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal ShoutMeLoudYou might know Harsh Agrawal, one of the top bloggers and affiliate marketer in India. He has following all over the globe and running the successful online business since last 8+ years.

He passed his engineering from a reputable college and even worked for a renowned organization for some time. Accidently, he fell in this career and has now become an inspiration for millions of young bloggers & entrepreneurs. His blogs ShoutMeLoud gets over millions of visitors every month. He has some other niche blogs like CoinSutra & WPSutra, etc.

He helps his audience through his blogs, YouTube channel & ShoutMeLoud university mainly in blogging, affiliate marketing, online money, entrepreneurship and life hacks, etc.

His true goal is to liberate people from their regular job of 9-6. Don’t worry; even you’re working for any niche ShoutMeLoud is a perfect destination for your blogging needs.

Apart from this, he is famous for showing his income report publically to motivate & educate more people for entrepreneurship. For your kind information, he’s earning more than $30K per month (December 2016) which is the pretty decent amount for an entrepreneur in blogging niche.

ShoutMeLoud community forum is another good move by Harsh Agrawal to find answers for every silly to difficult questions around blogging & related stuff.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fiskin is a co-founder of very popular website and He is a blogger, social media addict, startup enthusiast, frequent traveler and evangelist of TAGFEE code at Moz.Rand Fishkin Moz

Rand Fiskin is a college dropped out of University of Washington in 2000 who started SEOmoz back in 2004 with his mother, Gillian. Since then he is consistently working for his web development company. He started the SEOmoz blog, which is the world’s most popular community and content resource for search engine marketers. In 2007, Rand appointed as a CEO of SEOmoz, Inc. (current Moz). During his captaincy, Moz grew a lot regarding employees, revenue, and popularity also. But due to some reason, he stepped own as CEO and promoted Sarah Bird, a long-time COO as new CEO but remains as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Rand has authored two books Art Of SEO and Inbound Marketing & SEO. He is an investor for so many firms and featured in many renowned publications. Though he occasionally posts on his main blog, Rand is definitely one to follow in 2017.

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is the graduate in Computer Science from IIT Roorkee and has worked for clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch at ADP, Inc. He quitted his job from there in 2004, and become India’s first professional blogger so that Amit is called as father of Indian Blogging too.

Amit Agarwal Digital Inspiration

Amit authors the hugely popular and award-winning blog Digital Inspiration where he writes guides around consumer software and mobile apps. This blog average 3 Million+ page views per month and featured in numerous of renowned publications. Digital Inspiration has also awarded as best blog for several times.

Amit has developed several modern web apps and Google Add-ons. He’s an author of several books & has written columns for major publications including The Hindustan Times, CNBC TV18 and The Wall Street Journal India, on personal technology.

Amit is an influencing speaker at technology and blogging conferences. He has also received the prestigious award from Microsoft as The Most Valuable Professional for five years in a row (2007-2011). He has a strong influence over TV channels & radio shows including CNBC, CNN-IBN, NDTV, BBC Radio, and much more. A number of publications like HT, Economic Times, etc. have praised him for his contribution in this field.

Apart from his blog Digital Inspiration, he helps other Indian bloggers and has started India Blog School, a non-profit initiative aiming toward spreading Blogging culture in India.

Brian Dean

Brian Dean is a top rated SEO expert, internationally recognized business person and founder of Backlinko. Possessing specialization in SEO and online marketing Brian provides practical strategies & grand actionable plans to businesses and marketing professionals to get more traffic from search engine and thus increased revenue.Brian Dean Backlinko

Since early of 2010, Brian has been building internet marketing business. He has traveled to many countries like Thailand, Japan, Spain & Turkey, etc. while his journey till date and currently living in Berlin, Germany.

If you’re not getting way to increase your site’s traffic or confused with SEO related information, then Backlinko would be the best place to find the solutions for your problems.

Today Backlinko has grown as the most popular SEO blog and Brian nurturing it with easily understandable practical tips to get more visitors, leads & sales which are the ultimate goal for almost every blogger.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a successful entrepreneur and affiliate marketing king. He earns more than $100K per month in which his affiliate income counts maximum proportion. His website is a great resource for everyone, to learn the proven strategies for running a successful online business and optimizing it for generating massive passive income.

According to Pat, passive income is revenue generated by your business without pouring a lot of ongoing manual efforts. is an all about to learn making such huge passive income and the most of his strategies are simple & easy to implement. If you want to start affiliate marketing, then you should land on Pat’s blog.

Brian Clark

Brian Clark is a founder of Copyblogger, a blog known for nothing but excellent copywriting & content marketing tips. He is also CEO of Rainmaker Digital, curator of Further and host of Unemployable. He is building a successful business with his outstanding content marketing skills since 1998. Copyblogger is top of that all and a source for people to create mind-blowing online content since January 2006.Brian Clark Copyblogger

With Copyblogger, Brian helps people to create a killer copy which would not be crap. It’s an authority site in copywriting niche to get practical & actionable tips for driving massive traffic to grow your online business.

Due to his consistent efforts, Copyblogger is getting 200,000 unique customers with its mind-blowing products and services in copywriting, and digital content marketing & has now evolved as Rainmaker Digital- a fast-growing business in digital content marketing niche earning 8 figure annual revenue. Still, Brian has not left his Moto behind of introducing people with real-world, practical solutions in digital content marketing to grow their businesses.

With Copyblogger and Rainmaker Digital, Brian Clark has been bringing original, relevant content to make your copy fruitful not by just focusing SEO, social media or email marketing, etc. but the overall content marketing strategy.

Registration with Copyblogger will provide you with all material that you want to learn effective content marketing.

Syed Balkhi

Are you a beginner to WordPress? Have you ever faced the problems with managing your WordPress website?

If your answer is “Yes” then WPBeginner is one the best resource to get rid of all your problems. And, the man behind WPBeginner is Syed Balkhi. He found WordPress as a blogging platform back in 2006 and decided to use it for all his client site in 2008.

While using WordPress as CMS, he fought with many challenges and found that all resources were extremely out of reach to the common people.

From his experience, he thought about helping other people, especially beginners and DIY users at WordPress and started WPBeginner. Since launching it on July 4, 2009, WPBeginner has become a leading source in WordPress related stuff.

Syed Balkhi has featured on many renowned portals like Yahoo, Inc., Fox, Entrepreneur, TNW, etc. With 320,000 followers Syed has readership in 190 countries. He offers very useful contents and resources through his blog, videos, blueprints and exclusive deals.

Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is a full-time blogger & entrepreneur making a living from his blogs like Digital Photography School and He is also an author of many best-selling books and motivational speaker.

He started blogging since 2002, and later on, he could turn his hobby into the profession, and with the help of his own experience, he started many other blogs.

When his blogs started enormous popularity, he turned his passion into money blogging to generate income, and today it has become a full-fledged business.

Now, come to the point. Since Darren has launched ProBlogger in September 2004, he has added over 8000 articles, tips & tutorials and case studies on it. He hasn’t stopped there. In 2015, Darren also started podcasting for who love to learn through the audios. The blogger who wants to be a pro-blogger and earn money from blogging should check ProBlogger and follow Darren Rowse.

Ana Hoffman

Ann Hoffman is another blogger and known for her excellent strategies in traffic generation. With her blog Traffic Generation Café, Anna provides really useful and super actionable tips, latest trends and technology ensuring a large number of visitors to your blog/website.

She does not only give great advice but first test it with herself and share the results with the audience in her regular income report proving that her strategies actually works if you’re ready to put your honest efforts & give the best of yours.

She often emails her subscribers and let them know if she has a new post, and from my personal experience, Anna is the best friend sharing her proven strategies which actually works and easy to implement.

Zac Johnson

Zac is always ready to help you with his no nonsense blog and Blogging Tips. Initially, this blog, Blogging Tips was created by his friend Kevin Muldoon back in 2007, and Zac acquired it in 2010. It’s one of the top-rated blogs in the industry, but the Moto behind it has remained the unchanged.

With Blogging Tips, Zac Johnson offers a complete source for blogging related information. This blog has now become an authority blog acting as a community for bloggers/writers as well as the readers. Zac has complied a quality team of writers from all around the globe and providing everyone with different perspectives to succeed in blogging.

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar is Founder of SlashSquare; a blog network and web consulting media started in December 2011. HellBound Bloggers is a part of SlashSquare Network which was his first blog created on January 2009, and he also has another blog, HostLator under this network.

Pradeep started his very popular blog Hellbound Bloggers (HBB) in his teenage at 17. After facing several hard moments, HBB is now a standard blog under his editorials offering quality information on blogging related stuff like SEO, Social Media, WordPress and online monetization. From his experience, he thinks to blog as a tool to change the world or at least, one’s life.

With his mind-blowing skills set that he uses for blogging purpose, he’s a real inspiration for the beginners who give up with little difficulties & problems arrived in their path.

He is always ready to help other people regarding blog related problems.

Ankit Kumar  Singla

Ankit Kumar Singla is a young, passionate blogger from New Delhi, India and founder of well-known blog BloggerTipsTricks. He also has another niche blog WPTricks to guide beginners and even advanced bloggers to help in WordPress related things.

Ankit makes every possible effort to deliver valuable information to his fellow bloggers with proven tips & tutorials. His primary goal is to build a community of like-minded bloggers where they can learn everything about blogging and share their knowledge.

Since launch on 13 Feb 2013, BloggerTipsTricks (BTT) offering the perfect solution to every newbie to learn anything minute in blogging to get maximum positive results. He posts everything unique and out of the box so that any individual can become a successful blogger.

Apart from this, Ankit is an internet marketer and teaches the same to other people to let them make money online through blogging. It also teaches SEO, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Now, he is a full-time blogger and continuously trying to give more quality contents to his readers.

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal is another passionate blogger from New Delhi, India. He is the founder of a well-known blog BloggersPassion and taking his journey as the full-time blogger. Anil holds a master in computers which is the considerable high degree of education in India. He started BloggersPassion to pursue his passion for blogging after getting inspired by the success of other renowned bloggers, and now he is himself an inspiration for other newbies like me.

He has an excellent knowledge of blogging related topics like WordPress, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate marketing and online money, etc. Blogging is not the money-making machine for him to get passive income but he thinks it as a golden opportunity to help others in blogging to let them earn the nice income from it.

Apart from BloggersPassion, he also owns a niche WordPress website for Bluehost Coupon Codes.

Sum Up:

I’m sure that the list of top bloggers mentioned above is one of the best listicles. If you get a little inspiration from it, then I’d be jubilant for that. There are many other bloggers to whom I haven’t listed here, but it doesn’t mean they are not great. Every person who teaches you something good is nothing but your inspiration. I hope you’ll find the same.

If you indulge this a great article about top bloggers in getting inspiration to achieve success in 2017, then don’t forget to share with your friends too.

Important: All images in this post are taken from the respective source and representation purpose only. I’m very thankful to every influencer in this post for their special appearance.


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