Started a couple of years back in 2016, WebsiteTipsTricks is one of the fastest growing and active WordPress blog, visited daily by a ton of people.

This site is built and targeted to those who are interested in website related tips and tricks including blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress hacks, making money online, social media, and more.

We help new bloggers, Small Business Owners, and Webmasters.

Guest Posting Guidelines

If you want to contribute a blog article here, please keep the following guidelines in your mind:

1. All blog posts must contain at least 1500 words. We are only allowing articles around 1500-7500 Words. But at the same time, the post must be quality-packed, intended to help the people and solve their problem. Don’t write just to increase word count.

2. The article must be well-formatted. Use proper headings (H1, H2, and …..), bullets or styling and keep paragraphs short.

3. We expect the article free from spelling and grammatical mistakes. We also reserved the rights to edit the blog post to meet our quality guidelines and the blog standards.

4. The articles must contain relevant images (at least two). Don’t use copyrighted images especially those having watermarks. We’ll create a featured image. If you need a specific image to feature, it should be below 300KB and resolution of 750 X 600px.

5. We want you to write a post on relevant topics. These topics include website related tips and tricks, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress hacks, blogging tools, link building & traffic generation, social media, digital marketing & e-commerce and making money online.

However, you can write for other niches including technology, health, career tips, fashion, travel or any topic in your mind.

In this case, your article will be published on another blog. Remember, we may also pay a decent amount for such articles or send an amazing gift. We love our readers as well as contributors.

6. You can add external links to your article but they must be pointing to relevant & high-authority websites. We reserve the rights to remove low-quality or irrelevant links, bio or the article itself.

Affiliate and self-promotional links are not allowed, under any circumstances. However, you are welcome to include your website/social profile link in your bio.

7. We expect a quality article with proper keyword research and niche understanding. Write an SEO-friendly article but don’t do keyword stuffing. If you need some help, we’ll be here 24/7.

8. Copyright violation, plagiarism and article spinning is strictly prohibited. If you are not able to provide quality, we are sorry.

9. We ask that all guest bloggers stop by for a few days (at least one week) and reply to comments on their posts.

10. The guest post you write for WebsiteTipsTricks must be unique and not published anywhere else. You also not permitted to post it on other sites.

11. We expect you to promote your post on your own network to get maximum exposure. You can tag us so that we can get notified.

Remember, If we found anyone is violating the above rules, a strict action will be taken where your link, article or even profile can be removed from our network. We think these rules aren’t very difficult to follow. So, let’s play a fair game.

Important: We allow bloggers to guest post who want to promote their own blogs and want to gain more exposure. If you are an Internet marketer, SEO agency, or any type of link building service provider, you are not allowed to guest post here.

What Will You Get?

We respect the time and efforts you put into creating the content so we are offering the following benefits for our guest bloggers.

  • With an approved blog post on WebsiteTipsTricks, you will get Max. 2 backlinks (Only in author Box) pointing to your blog for each article you submit here.
  • WebsiteTipsTricks is an active and growing blog. Plus, we have planned it for the long-term. You know the rest.
  • Increased exposure to your writing skills and blog in addition to quality traffic and SEO value.
  • Some goodies for the really quality author and added perks like being a long time contributor on our network including a writer on various topics, editor, and mod on the DMC forum.
  • Freelance opportunities if you have specific skills. It doesn’t matter you’re a newbie or pro.
  • If you’re a business and want to publish a paid review/sponsored post about your business/products/services, then it must be legal, relevant, useful for our readers. However, you need to send test product/service before article submission and publication.

If you have read and understood everything mentioned above, you can submit the request to guest post using contact form given below or by sending an email to >><<

You need to send the blog post idea or title, short summary, your blog/social network links and why you want to write for us.

We will then review your application and create an author account, so you can submit your article for review.

We’ll inform you through email within a couple of days. If you don’t get a reply, you can contact us after 15 days because it happens only when if you’re either not following our guidelines or we have a busy content schedule.

Go ahead and start writing for us.

[Last updated, 1st January 2018]